SMC Metal Company Profile

Started in the year 1974 to produce various enamel kitchenware and in time began steel importing and marketing since 2009. We as SMC METAL are mainly dealing with cold rolled coil,hot dip galvanized coil,hot rolled coil,tube & section.

About Company

Our company keeping raw materials in stock from the local and international flat steel mills,maintains industrial service with its high sectoral experience.
With our machinery we are suppliying tailormade slittted,cut to lenght,edge trimmed flat steel products in different production standards to the customers who aim to work with minimum scrap.

Instead of prioritising commercial profit,our main concern is enlarging our business relaitons with mutual trust and profit.

We aim to stand next to our customers in a market where the raw material prices fluctuate daily and where as a result the sales strategies are so changeable.

We would like to enrich flat steel products service centre concept with different standards of raw materials,competitive prices and quickest shipment philosophy. We wish you good health and prosperous business.

Board Chairman
Civil Engineer
Mehmet Özmen

Our mission

  • To have a challenge in metal sector by keeping up with continuous change and innovation.

  • Our vision

  • Always breaking new grounds.
  • Never compromising on quality.
  • To be customer oriented.
  • To interiorise team spirit.
  • To improve and move forward continuously.

  • Our Values

    The values we abide faithfully in respect to the mission and vision predetermined are;

  • Respect and add value to the society and individuals.
  • Act in accordance with all business partners in team spirit.
  • Basing on continuous change and innovation.
  • Always having an honest and fair attitude.
  • Never being close to communication.

  • Customer Service

    Immediate response to our cutomers is our top priority.
    Our contact details:

    Address: Organised Industry Zone 33.Street No:17 Melikgazi/KAYSERI ,TURKEY
    Tel: +90 352 322 27 01-02 Fax: +90 352 322 27 03
    Foreign trade: