Our company keeping raw materials in stock from the local and international flat steel mills,maintains industrial service with its high sectoral experience.
With our machinery we are suppliying tailormade slittted,cut to lenght,edge trimmed flat steel products in different production standards to the customers who aim to work with minimum scrap.


* Customers live the privilege of working with a company where their employees feel as family members.

* Customers satisfaction is our essential priority.

* Serving continious and reliable quality with wide product range and renewing stocks.

* We always make speedy and just in time deliveries.

* Cut to lenght cost is afforded by us at the sales from steel service centres.

* We share the responsibility of the end user with our technical support when selecting the most appropriate product.

* SMC METAL stands next to their customers by solving possible inconveniences .

* SMC METAL supplies the special quality items which are not in the standard stock lists.

* Besides suppliying steel products also provides bonded warehousing service for importer customers.

Our Values

The values we abide faithfully in respect to the mission and vision predetermined are;

  • Respect and add value to the society and individuals.
  • Act in accordance with all business partners in team spirit.
  • To be based on continuous change and innovation.
  • Always having an honest and fair attitude.
  • Never being close to communicate.